Friday, March 1, 2013


Maker's Moon - What wants to be conceived/born/shaped/made from our own minds/hearts/loins/hands? - Caya's Moon Questions

Enthusiasm today isn’t the enthusiasm of the past.  The word has changed its definition.  Today we know it as having great interest, excitement and enjoyment in what we do.  Many would agree with me it is a needed ingredient if you are trying to create something crafty or not.   But, the original definition meant that one was inspired or possessed by the Divine or to be in private communication with the holy.

Cassandra was said to have enthusiasm after being in the presence of Apollo.    And, when she chose not to have sex with him ­ - he cursed her.  Cassie’s prophesies would never be believed.  In fact, Homer writes that she was scorned.


BEMS @ 2013
This past week I don’t think I have had much enthusiasm for anything.  My life has been consumed by a crisis at work.  This crisis has drained my creative side to the point of being parched.  I’m barely able to appear on paper, much less keep up with my mandala drawing class and knit. 
The following mandalas you might say have had divine intervention.  I have had to force my self to pick up the colored pencils rather than stick my nose in a book - the easy less effort way to deal with stress.  I was enthusiastic when I drew them.  Motherfather Spirit was the driving force - not me.

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