Friday, July 26, 2013

WooWee Dance

The WooWee Dance is a spiritual dance that comes within each person.  It’s a dance that is joyful and unique to the individual dancer.  The dance is sparkly and reflective of a sunny day.  When I perform my dance – it is a combination of a yellow butterfly flitting on a breeze, bold yellow sunflowers and fireworks exploding in a new moon sky.  I do twists and a jump and 3 step-run in place and then another leap into the air.  I’m moving to my own unique song.

As many of my readers know, I have taken a hiatus from my blog.  I’ve been focusing my writing efforts for getting into graduate school.  This has been very important to me because graduate school has been a long time goal of mine (a bucket list item).  It has been something I’ve needed to do and feel called to do.  I admit my blog was a device I used to procrastinate from not writing the required pieces.  My blog is fun and writing required pieces weren’t.  But, I quickly realize if I really want my dream than I needed address what was getting in the way.  I had to put aside things that were holding me back.

I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted to Spalding University’s MFA program for the Fall Semester.  I received the call this week and have been doing the SpiritStitch WooWee Dance all week.

Reflecting back on writing submissions to Spalding, I can’t tell you enough about how my blog writings spilled over into its content and subject matter.  Motherfather Spirit is a very important element to my writing and creating.


A great influencer of my happy dance have been from the Peanuts.  If you need help creating yours here a clip to help out.  Note:  Some people might not appreciate your happy dance - ignore them and continue.

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