Thursday, January 5, 2017

Aspiring Mystic Artisan

Medieval Women Cutting Out Fabric artist unknown
If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.  CG Jung

Spirit first, technique second.  Gichin Funakoshi
God gives us the capacity for choice.  We can choose to alleviate suffering.  We can choose to work together for peace.  We can make these changes—and we must.  Jimmy Carter

It’s been three years since I wrote regularly on this blog.  When I checked in over the holiday break, I was surprised to learn how many people have read my blog.  Thank you. 
  • Where have you been? 
  • I checked-off of an item on my bucket list.  I set off to university and finished my graduate degree.
  • And what’s next?
  • I’ve have many ideas floating in my head, but I’m waiting.  I’m taking time to listen to Motherfather Spirit before packing my backpack. 
Starting a journey under the Capricorn moon has shook me up.  In the past, my bags would be packed, rituals done, and off I go.  I was determined to get my dream at any cost including setting off into uncharted and unfriendly places. However, not this time.  I'm being opened to the path Motherfather Spirit pushes me towards.
Many of you know the Capricorn symbol has a dual body. It is both mountain goat and fish.  (The fish part I often forget.  Perhaps I’m always concentrating on the goat side because it is in front.  The fish part is in the back--hidden.) To be a master at anything you must practice with discipline (this is the goat part), but you also have to be connected to Motherfather Spirit and your soul (this is the fish part).  A master of (name your skill) has balance between what they are trying to create and spirit. 
It means before picking up a pencil, shovel, whisk, keys, (fill in the blank), you stay put and take the time to listen. 

Oh this is so hard to do in the world I live in.

 Tina Turner - Mother Within (Heavenly Home) - 'Beyond  


This year I am changing how I make my Feng Shui Shield. For nine days I plan on meditating on each square/bagua. Before beginning my meditation, I will focus on the theme of the bagua and ask Motherfather Spirit to give me insight. Each day I will keep a journal to keep track of what wisdom is shared with me.  I will build my shield from this.  

During the darkness of the new moon I will anoint my shield with the "Candle Spells for New Beginnings" ritual.  

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