Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Zazen Zen – a meditation of self-reflection

I’ve decided to end this year of blogging and self-reflect about my blog before the next season.  You might say I’m doing this in the spirit of Zazen Zen (a form of meditation that is about looking at yourself for self growth). 

My mind is spinning with ideas and perhaps considering a theme I could write about next year.  This past year, I’ve been randomly selecting words with the idea of sharing “words of wisdom” to my grandchild.  (Note: I technically could be one but my kids are more focused on school than thoughts of getting married or me being a Grandmother).  But, again I’m drawn to having a blogging year that is a little more focused.

I’ve got two ideas.

I’ve decided to become a new moon heart meditation facilitator.  I’m currently studying and will be inviting a small group of women to my home to begin student teaching in January.  Each new moon is focused on a selected card from the Goddess Deck.  I think this would be interesting how the alphabet selected words would fit in with this.

I am also interested in a Goddess Circle in California and how they have named their full moon months and year (water and flow).  This could also be another focused way to select the words.

There have been several outcomes from this blog that I’m proud about:

1) I have actually finished this.  I clearly admit I’m the Queen of not completing things, especially creative things.  And, by writing this final entry – I can’t say this about my blogging project.

2) I’ve found some like-minded people via the web.  I have found people out there in the world who may worship differently, but are tolerant of those who march to a different drum.  Or are willing to read my views with an opened mind.

3) I’ve claimed who I am.  I never have pin pointed who I am spiritually.  I am a chameleon to different people because I’ve been afraid.  Well I’m not afraid for being a CCWWW.  It’s who I am.  There is something to giving yourself a label and the power of not letting others do this for you. 

4) I’ve thought about Motherfather Spirit each week.  Not in a help me or save me way – but branching out to see the Zeal of ordinary, the wowness that is happening around me.  My eyes have been opened to things I’ve needed to learn.  I’ve embraced that which I often forget to see.

5) I have found that much of this spiritual blogging is ending up in my fiction and poetry.  The two seem to feed off each other – the non-fiction and the fictional prose.  Reflecting back on my other short stories and poems – when Motherfather Spirit has an undercurrent the piece seems to be really liked.  And, most often accepted by other people of faiths.  So – the bottom line a universal message is coming forth and it isn’t about me.  I am the vessel for this to happen.  (It isn’t about me.)

I want to thank all my readers this year and their inspiring comments.  What amazed me were the countries your came from – places I have only seen on PBS or National Geographic’s – very cool.  You have been my cheerleaders to finish this project to the end.     

I want to thank my fellow PBP bloggers.  Thank you for allowing me to read your wonderful pieces.  You have pushed me to become a better person.  You have opened my mind to new ideas and places I need to explore more.

Ritual of ending a project.

White Candle
Frankincense essential oil

Anoint your candle with the essential oil putting into the candle thoughts of thanksgiving to Motherfather Spirit and earthly people who helped you complete your task. 

Verbally thank Motherfather Spirit and all the people who helped you.  Then light the candle saying:

I light this candle symbolizing my thanks to all who helped me along the way to get ______ done.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Allow the candle to burn down in a safe place.

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