Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear readers:

I spent a lot of time reading many wonderfully written PBP blogs this weekend.  All I can say is wow to everyone’s take on their selected subject matter.  I really liked the diversity of the topics and those subjects that were repeated illustrated how we each bring a unique perspective to our own spiritual journey and this year long community.
For example:  I read several blogs on altars/shrines throughout one’s home.  One blogger shared a photo journal of her altar.  It showed as she has grown pieces are added or the whole look changes completely.  It was very beautiful to see her journey in this art form.  Another, shared her Hesta candle in her kitchen – she lights it before cooking.  The act of lighting the candle reframes her attitude while she cooks.  To me it is a reminder that food is also spiritual and if I am angry cooking – it transfers my energy into that food.  
One thing that struck me reading about altars was really being conscious of the items I have in my home.  Do my things serve me along my journey?  Why are they in my home?  And, if my home is a sacred space or altar to the divine does it really show it?  These are the questions I am really thinking about this week.
Someone else wrote about a “Book of Shadow” or “Recipe book” or a “Shadow Scrapbook” to share with future generations.   This person described how these books were handed down generation to generation.  I don’t have a daughter, but it makes me think of granddaughters.  As I write in this blog – I believe my overarching theme will be what words of wisdom, or recipes or poems or songs etc. do I want to share with her to be named?
Can’t wait until Friday.  “B”   


  1. me neither! Glad to see that so many were able to reflect from this project. To delve deeper into their spiritualities. Good questions to ask oneself. Blessings on this Wolf Moon! ~)O(~

  2. We are supposed to be doing "A" two weeks in a row. At least that is what I understood.


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