Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Readers:

Again, this has been a week of fabulous posts.  I don’t know about you – I am keeping a running list of other ‘A’ words I plan on writing about: Altars, Air, Advice, Abundance, Affirmations… 
Last week I wrote about creating a written document to give to the future.  I am reminded of a story I read at the beginning of my pilgrimage by Judith Merkle Riley: A Vision of Light about a mystic healer.  Unlike the majority medieval women who were mystics and midwives, I am literate.  I don’t have to hire someone to write for me.  I don’t have to hide my writings because of my sex or out of fear that I will be burned.
My mitochondria DNA ends with my son.  But I can pass this to those I choose.  I can share my beliefs, practices and struggles.  I can share the unspoken piece of my life, my hidden books, my recipes and stories.  What I find exciting about this project is the prospect to publically reflect on my journey, honor my teachers and get my bearings of my compass. 
Ultimately, I hope to learn from you.  Yes, to learn and celebrate your gifts that are different than mine.    
Thank you and may your path be blessed.

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