Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

I woke up today and there was a dusting of snow - yea snow.  With snow, it finally feels like winter.  The sky is grey and the wind is moving the naked trees. (I need refill the birdfeeders.) 

The guys are watching the Buckeyes and I'm sitting here writing.  You might say, I'm feeding my hungry ghosts of creativity  - dark chocolate treats by writing (Levitt, Peter. Fingerpainting on the Moon. New York: Harmony Books. 2003. Print.).  I've had three writing projects in my mind and I know that I need to just sit down and write.  (I've been resting on my laurels after two poems and a short story were published this past year.)

A common theme of my life lately and it keeps being reinforced:  "you need to get off your duff."   This morning it was from The NY Times Sunday Magazine "A View from the Margin." by Sam Anderson who highlighted his reading this past year: "Stories are always really, really hard.  I think it's totally rational for a writer, no matter how much experience he has, to go right down in confidence to almost zero when you sit down to start something.  Why not?  Your last piece is never going to write your next one for you." (McPhee, John. "The Art of Nonfiction No.3" The Paris Review, Spring 2010, p 67.)."  And, then there was that dream two days ago - The Egyptian God Thoth holding a clock and snapping at me: "when will you pick up the pen?"

Talk about the law of coincidence. My friend send me this link for joining a crafty group of blogger embarking on a year long project.  I decided to join.  Why?  Writing deadlines of Fridays.  And, the wonderful moderator Rowan is giving much needed promps.  But, I was interested in having one place to explore my link between creativity and spirituality.  I also wanted a place to be more intimate with myself in this area and take some risks in what I believe by writing it down.  Finally, to be able to share this experience with a community.

It's snowing again, large fluffy flakes.  The sun has managed to push through the gray clouds.  And, I'm writing.  The Buckeyes are loosing - but the band looks good as always.

To my fellow spirit blogging - I light three candles (yellow - communication, purple - spirit and orange - creativity), annointed notebooks for writing topics and cut a ribbon to begin saying: "Today I begin a powerful journey. I intend to discover who I am.  Along this path may I be nurished; may I be healed; may I keep my ears openned and judgement aside to learn from others and the messages spirit may be sending; and may I approach this journey with the same curiousity that I did as a child.  May this path be filled with joy, love and abundance of creativitiy."

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