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Earthy Wow Sites

Apollo Moon Shot
"There is a language beyond human language, an elemental language, one that arises from the land itself."  Linda Hogan, Chickasaw Writer

“There are…places where one breathes in spirit, places where a man can steep himself in it, or if you prefer, where he quickens the sense of the divine in himself. This is the greatest gift of Earth and Heaven to man.” Louis Charpentier, The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral

“Earth’s crammed with heaven/ And every common bush afire with God: but only he who sees takes off his shoes.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I’ve been working for many years on developing my “wow factor.”  I’m well aware that I’ve not reached the adept level, but by practicing I have become aware of chi/life energy/Kether outside of my physical body.  Specifically, I’ve become aware of earthly places that feel good.  I classify these places as having the “wow factor” also. 

My experience with these places feels like working with an “energy ball.” (See last week’s Activity) When visiting these places, I’ve stuck my hands out and felt tingling and sometimes heat radiating the space.  And, I find that after returning home I’m able to immediately go back there in my mind’s eye.  And, if I am in the vicinity – I need to take a trip there.

The first time I became aware of these places was in Prague.  T and I went there with Volunteers for Peace project in 1997.  After finishing our two week work project,   we decided to tour Prague for a couple of days.  The city is magical reminding me of all my fairy tale books.  Many of the places we visited had college students working diligently to restore the city to its glory before WWII and the implications of Fascist and Communist rule.  I remember sitting in a front pew watching students carefully strip black paint away from a mural painting and the marble.  My hands began to tingle.  I thought this odd and opened my palms up on my lap.  I was hit with a “wow.”  T noticed it also.

Below are some of my favorite wow spots.  This list grows as I explore my world. 
Glastonbury Well

England, Glastonbury well - yes I drank the water and brought some home for a Reike master friend.  It was too cold and rainy to bath.  This energy was very gentle and pulsing. 

Avebury Stone Circle
England, Avebury Ring - Each stone vibrated.  My son was a toddler and he had a great time running around.  I couldn't get over it.  There were people out with their dowsing rods looking for the ley lines.  This is something I can't image happening in the USA.  A side note, the English were very nice about children.  They went out of there way to help me with my stroller and doting on him - something I find rare back in the states.

Cologne Cathedral
Germany, Cologne Cathedral - If you get off the train - look up you can't miss it.  This church is big.  One thing I noticed on my recent trip, there are ushers telling people to get off their cells and to "shhh."  The previous time I visited I found it rather distracting with everyone talking with "outdoor" voices.  Now you can concentrate on the nice energy here.  The Cathedral was built on a Pagan Site.  Hmmm that happened a lot.  I propose it had to do with the "wow factor." 

Dom St. Peter at Night
Germany, Trier:  Dom St. Peter – by the shrine to the holy robe.  This is a cool place.  King Charlie built this for his Mom at the same time he built the St. Peter's in Rome.  Cool story.  If you walk in the organ looks out of place being a dark grey black against rose pink.  Apparently, Rome wouldn't let the church clean the walls.  Over time people forgot the walls were pink due to the candle soot.  Well the walls were cleaned and it is pink inside.  I felt the best energy next to the shrine to the holy robe. 

Nara Buddha
Japan, Nara by the Buddha - there are actually 3 Buddhas here in Nara.  This Buddha was built in 752 - he is old.  All three give off great energy.  What's wild about this place is the deer.  The deer come up to you like you are their best friend.  At my family farm in Western PA - they run the other direction when the see a human.  Advice don't eat around the deer.  They are aggressive and you'll loose it. 

Ohio Serpant Mound
USA, Ohio: Serpent’s Mound - I am an Ohioan.  I live in the land of the ancient mounds.  Near my house there use to be two mounds.  One still remains the other houses a Wendy's.  This is a great spot.  Very peaceful.  It you are there at the Solstices, sometimes Native Americans are there doing ceremonies.  The energy is comforting and so is the scenary of gentle rolling hills.  If I'd had my say.  The Serpant Mound would be on Ohio's quarter not the Wright Brothers.

Cohokia Mounds
USA, Illinois: Cahokia Mounds - Mounds? This place is unreal.  Think Egypt in the midwest.  My parents never stopped here when we went to visit my Aunt in St. Louis.  My suggestion - to feel the best 'wow' effect don't park at the parking lot and walk up the stairs.  Approach the big mound from the field.  The energy builds as you finally reach the top 'WOW."

Mission San Xavier del Blanc
USA, Arizona: Mission San Xavier del Blanc - This was one of the first places I have felt both tingling and heat.  T and I realized the heat wasn't coming from the candles.  When I'm in the area - I have to go to this site.  I can't explain. 

Entering these earthy wow spaces.
I attended several lectures by Native American shaman regarding earthy wow sites.  All stated there was a need to maintain these spots because they’re important for the health of our earth.  They requested all who visit these spots to bring an offering that would bring about healing and helping our Mother.  The following offerings were recommended and are what I bring when visiting: copper (copper pennies), mica and tobacco.

Activities – Go and explore earthly wow places.
By no means is this site a complete listings but it’s a jumping off point.

Feel free to share your favorite spots in our wonderful world. 


  1. Hello Dear One...
    I am new to your blog but must share that I love what I read here.
    I am especially enjoying your listing of Sacred Sites that move your energy...
    I too have sites like favorite of mine is Aztalan State Park
    and the nearby Rock Lake. Frank Joseph wrote a book about this Lake and also one on the Cahokia Mounds.
    I've visited both of these sites and have felt extreme energy emanating from the park I went with a Sundance Sister who sat a table praying and meditating while I had decided to climb the largest mound...I had not even gone up 50 steps when a firm voice told me to Get Off Our Bones! I was very dizzy and buzzing throughout my body and couldn't believe what I had heard (in my human-ness) but I did as I was told. Needless to say I carried that high energy with me for days. It was not unpleasant, but I knew deep within I had experienced something very holy and sacred. As for the lake, I sometimes go in the deep of summer just to stand in its energized and healing waters...I do not go far out into the water...something tells me there is a prehistoric fish that lives in it, rather large, and I don't test my intuition. The first time I visited that lake I found an altar stone of some size that I wanted to bring home but did not as I felt it would be a sacriledge to do so. So I sat with it for some time and felt the energy pour into me. It was a WOW Factor for me.
    I've really enjoyed your posting for these sacred sites...and thank You so much! If you'd like to further your knowledge on Rock Lake (Lake Mills, Wisconsin) there is this You Tube video-

    I also have holy water from the Chalice Well in England and from other holy sites around the world as I align myself with Sisters the world over who pray for healing the waters of Mother Earth.
    I hope I havene't talked your ear off my first time posting here, lol.

    Many Radiant Blessings to You!

    P.S. Here is another great read...

    1. I've been to Wisconsin - but to Madison to see the farmer's market. Now I will have to go to Rock Lake. Thanks - another site to mark and explore.

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