Friday, March 30, 2012

Garden Planting Begins

Update my Garden:

Last night I put in the Sacred Square. The Devas asked for it to be filled with cosmos. They have also asked each time down there working that I burn incense. (A little out of my comfort zone – public space and a solo practitioner) I figure if my gardening neighbors G or the D ask me - my standard response: I’m using gardening as a mindful, spiritual practice. The incense helps me to remember this. This of course is true. I also was asked to put several amethyst points in the center – done.

I put in the 2 pea squares. I’d pre-soaked the peas while I was at work. T said he saw them on the kitchen counter and thought about using them in our pasta dish for dinner. Then thought again.

It rained last night.

Tonight I hope to get in the lettuce mix, radishes, carrots turnips, beets, and parsnips squares. Hmmm... I wonder if Z between the basketball shots will be willing to weed the raspberries and plant the extra peas behind them.

I found a cool idea for the potatoes from Sunset Magazine: Potato Towers. I’m game – The Deva’s like it. Looks like a cool sculpture in our garden. Sunset provides a step by step on constructing this.

Because of the weather – I am finding it difficult to get my onions in. Many of the gardening shops in town haven’t gotten any of the onion sets in. Why? We are 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I plan on trying my last garden shop tonight. Have to pick up “flower power” compost for the squares done so far and the potatoes.

Side note: I don’t know what is happening around the country – community gardeners in Central Ohio have been asked to consider giving their extras to a local pantry.

My food pantry just wrote a report. There is less federal and state money available to purchase food. Additionally, the food prices have gone up. This adds up to less food to help out people in needs.

One of the conversations with the Devas is that for every three I donate one to the food pantry.

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