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Rice Reflections & Reike

Rice Experiemt BEMS
This past summer I did the Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment.  The assumption behind the experiment is that words and thoughts do have an effect on you mind, body and spirit.  There are three jars labeled the following: “I hate you,” “I love you,” and nothing.  The results from Emoto’s experiment showed that the jar with “I hate you” gradually rots away by turning black and moldy.  The “I love you” jar remains white and unmolded.   My outcome wasn’t as dramatic as those I saw on Youtube or other blogs. 

In my experiment the jar that developed the mold first was the jar that was ignored. 


In the fields of child abuse and domestic violence, emotional abuse is often harder to prove in a court of law.  It is easy to see physical, verbal and sexual abuse.  Reading the newspapers and watching the news you learn this type of evidence is readily collected.  However, for emotional abuse an expert witness in psychology or behavioral science is pulled in to discuss this.  I believe it’s because it is hard to identify with our senses like say DNA or pictures of bruises.

What has been documented is mental and emotional abuse leaves long lasting scars that connects to how you see yourself – your inner truth.  The messages sent through abuse have been shown to affect the person’s self-confidence and self-esteem and the ability to make and keep friends.  This type of abuse also affects the person’s aura (electromagnetic field surrounding the body).  Unhealed, the trauma causes energy blockages in the chakra and aura systems and can eventually cause disease. 


In the ‘90s my friend C and I took Reiki together.  She had taken several courses in healing touch therapy and was far more serious than me.  I went along for the ride – so to speak – in taking this class. 

For those unfamiliar with this healing method, Reiki was developed by a Japanese Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui.  It is similar to “laying of hands.”  The attuned healer uses their hands to look for areas where the body’s energy is weak.  Then acting as conduit or go-between allows the healing energy from MotherFather Spirit to go through them into the area that needs healing.  Reiki has been used to assist in healing chakra and aura systems. 

I’ve mainly used this healing on myself and my cats.  I’ve found this type of healing loving and where I’ve felt stuck emotionally – a release. 

See youtube video on how Reiki is used for healing.  (Windancer8. Reiki Session as seen by Aura Video camera. 29 Aug. 2009 Web. 6 Oct. 2012.


I reflect back on my life and how I’ve received some of the hateful words spoken into the jar of rice.  I too have spoken these words against others.  These words are angry energy that keeps recycling back and forth damaging my chakras and auric system. 

The rice experiment makes me think twice at how I speak or think about others.  It makes me think of the Golden rule and witches rede and the saying what goes around comes around or point a finger and three point back to you. 

I wonder how do we stop this?  My first belief is to heal myself.


Listen to Reiki healing music

Candle – Aura Cleaning - I've also used this for cleaning my house.

Pink Candle – anointed with rose oil (love)
Black Candle – anointed with lavender oil (purification)

On the dark night of the moon, anoint the black candle with lavender oil.  Hold the candle in your hands and ask for the negativity that surrounds you to be removed.  Place it in the candle holder up-side-down.  Anoint the Pink candle with rose oil.  Hold this candle in your hands asking for love and healing to replace the negative energy.  Place this candle right-side-up in a candle holder

Light both candles reciting: "By the power of all that is light and all that is love I command that I be cleared of all negativity and to be cleansed and purified in the light of love – so mote it be.” 

(Note – these words aren't mine - I've modified them over the years.”)

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