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Uncertainty Whammy

“Always remember striving and struggling proceeds success in the dictionary.” ~ Susan Ban Breathnach

“Shake the burden that comes from seeing your baby steps as a necessary discipline.  See them, instead, as optional dance moves, in life's conga line, that spark miracles, open floodgates, and lead to the near effortless manifestations of I now have my owns. “ ~ Notes from The Universe - TUT

Uncertainty Whammy, or UW as it is commonly referred to, falls under a group of hex spells that causes a person to be skeptical, doubtful and unsure of making a decision.  Left untreated the long term prognosis is grave.  Research shows that the infected person ultimately never lives out their dreams and become spiritually stagnate.    Those interviewed with a tertiary infection of UW, describe it to be like having a scratch on a record album or CD playing out in their head; a voice keeps playing that same spot discouraging them from even leaning or inching their toe forward toward their dream.  Observed, the person relies on carefully prescribed maps recommended by others rather than self-exploration and being open to the unexpected.
UW is considered to be an opportunistic spell that seems to take advantage of certain situations.   Researchers have been unable to dissect the original source of this spell, but many studies conclude that all people are at risk and reactions vary person to person. 

The signs and symptoms of UW vary depending on which of the three stages it presents (i.e., primary, secondary and tertiary).  Most people are born with primary stage UW.  They begin to show outward symptoms during early childhood and are described as an awakening to spirit.  These symptoms are considered socially good and are often encouraged.  Those having primary UW are described as having analytical traits to discern simple information and can easily identify, make and follow through with a decision.  Most of these decisions are made unconsciously and spontaneously.  An example of primary UW would be deciding what color of socks to wear or what kind of cereal to eat or what rock you like.  Secondary UW, the infected person begins to have problems making choices.  Often, this is due to environmental factors such as options made by others, time pressure, higher stakes, or increased vagueness of not knowing where the choice will lead.  This may lead to difficulties because the person begins to shut down to the aspect of the unknown and the unplanned.  Those interviewed with secondary UW say they are more likely to “go with the flow” rather than choose an unfamiliar path.

Tertiary UW can be seen in early art such as the Fresco painting in Villa of the Mysteries (Pompeii, Italy), the 9 of swords in the tarot deck, The Nightmare by Henri Fuseli and Picasso’s Weeping Woman.  The person becomes trapped to a repertoire of voices all coming within their head.  Those interviewed stated that a past image or voice (e.g., parent, teacher, and etc.) takes control and they become immobilized. 
I’ve been cutting up pieces for a baby quilt I’m making for a new cousin.  Going through several bins of fabric I found 4 completed wagon wheels a friend of mine gave me.  They’ve been sitting around for over ten years.  I decided to cut them up into 4 inch strips and sew them to complementary solids and calicos from my stash.  I’m not following any quilt pattern other than the quilt needs to end up 36 inches by 51 inches.  I’ve no idea how this quilt will turn out since I’ve decided to work this way.  I’m uncertain, but hoping for the best. 

I suppose if I’d thought of this quilting project in context to the pictures above, I’d say it looks bleak with no positive outcomes.  I don’t know if I’d really start it or even set the material down on the table to be cut out.  Within my mind I’d see all the worst case scenarios acted out that include hearing voices from the past saying: it’s a waste of fabric, looks ugly and it will be hidden in a closet; better yet, the quilt will be given away to Good Will or Salvation Army… Note - none of this is real.  All of this negativity would be played out in my mind stopping me from moving forward.  I become like the person in this image – trapped and afraid to take the risk of stepping forward. 

When it comes to spirituality and living a magical life, I know that I’m not alone when it comes to being open to where Motherfather Spirit takes me.  I’ve talked to several friends who didn’t pursue their dreams because they were imprisoned by the “What ifs.”  It is easier to stick with the sure path that is often dictated by the norm.  For me, it’s the whole stepping out into the unknown; doing something for the first time that causes me to get that sickening feeling.  My mind grips to some past images and “What people will say” that seems takes control.  I end up losing my heart compass; I end up not following my intuition.

I can remember the first time I was told a crystal could talk.  The societal norm would say "Really?”  I too was very skeptical with my scientific method.  However, by allowing myself to be open to other possibilities and realities I find myself becoming more flexible to the boulders and challenges put on my path.  When I listen to my heart somehow I manage to find new solutions and the details seem to fall into place.  It’s not that I don’t hear my mind’s litany singing the “Pit of Despair;” I just don’t let it be in control.  When I’m listening to my heart, I’m living out the magical life.

The Geese
By Jane Mead 
slicing this frozen sky know
where they are going—
and want to get there.
Their call, both strange
and familiar, calls
to the strange and familiar
heart, and the landscape
becomes the landscape
of being, which becomes
the bright silos and snowy
fields over which the nuanced
and muscular geese
are calling—while time
and the heart take measure.
Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Make a list of all your “I could never do…..”  Don’t list the reasons why – just list “I could never do….”
  • Choose one from the list and say yes to it.  If you don’t know how you are going to do it – just let Motherfather Spirit take over.
  • If the chorus begins, just let them sing.  Think of them as a song you don’t like that is playing on the radio, because you’re waiting for the secret message for the day.
  • Do a small step to begin.  Example: you want to take a cruise – go on-line to see the different types of cruises.  Begin to create a I can do creative visualization sheild. 

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