Sunday, January 13, 2013

KAL 2013 Update

KAL 2013 Sky Scarf 1/13/2013
I have been asked to show updates and my thoughts about the project:

  • You can see from my notebook how I'm keeping track of the sky's weather.
  • You can also see I had to start over.  This thin yarn is very hard to work with.  The first take - it became a tangled mess.  So I started over.  It was just easier just to cut the thread - cut my loss.  But, if you first don't succeed....  It took getting use to.
  • I've changed my pattern and added a way to keep track of the new and full moon.  On the two knit stitches to begin and end the rows I'm purling on both sides to indicate the moon cycle.  
  • Wow - look how many blue sky days.  It changes my perspective about the sky at noon during the winter months in Ohio.  
Sideways view of notebook KAL 2013

Side note - is anyone else having problems with uploading photos?


  1. I haven't been able to upload photos for about two weeks now and this morning now I can't access my reading list...

    On a much better note I love the project you are presently working on! :)


    1. Thank you AkasaWolfSong....

      1/14 at noon was a light blue cloudy day. I was discussing this KAL with my Wild Women's Project group and this project has really help point out what is important to me - that I'm connected with something greater. Also looking at the sky - is a break to put things in a different perspective. (Wisdom after 14 days)

      (This is really weird about uploading photos.)



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