Monday, January 14, 2013

The Liebster.

"Human life runs its course in the metamorphosis between receiving and giving." ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labours of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving." ~ Albert Einstein

I don't know what to say other than thank you Phoebe Flields for awarding my website with the Leibester Award. 

For those bloggers and readers who are unfamiliar with this award, “The Liebster Award" is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The word ” Liebster” comes from German and can mean the sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, most beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.” And this is most welcomed.

Here are the Rules for this Award

Thank the person who nominated you.

When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

Pass the award onto 6 other blogs (while making sure you notify the blogger that you nominated them!) You write up 11 NEW questions directed towards YOUR nominees. I’m being lazy and using my nominator’s questions.

You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated your own blog!

You paste the award picture into your blog. (You can Google the image, there are plenty of them!)

So here goes.

11 random facts about me: 1) I like to garden 2) I like to do textile crafts (e.g., knitting, quilting, sewing….) 3) I like to write. 4) I'm activist for social justice. 5) I like walking half marathons, 4) I’m a bibliophile and like learning new things (I know two, but similiar). 5) I love to cook. 6) I like the outdoors. 7) I live with wonderful people, 2 cats and a fish. 8) I keep a messy desk. 9) I like to make jelly. 10) My favorite color is blue.

Questions that Phoebe asked of me.

How did you come to witchcraft?  Maybe it should be how did witchcraft find me?   (shrug) I think I was always one meaning someone pointed out that some of my spiritual practices could be called this.  

What is your definition of witch?  Hmmm that’s a loaded term. To me it means a very wise person who is connected with the earth’s cycles and seasons and what’s beyond cubicle land. This wise person knows that everything comes from the earth.  This wise witchy person is in tune with what the Celtic people call the Oran Mor – the divine song. They know that they're interconnected with all creation (i.e., 4 legged and winged creatures, Rocks, Water, Sky, Trees). The wise witchy person knows that the magic comes from the divine and not the other way around. 

I like what Marian Green said - The wise person "doesn't call themself this - it is a word used by those who seek their help."

I also think a witch is someone who honors others spiritual paths.  They know there is a lot of spiritual practices out there and no one has the truth.  Each person has their own experiences and own beliefs on their journey back to the source.   They are willing to learn and perhaps incorporate techniques and wisdom into their own.    

Do you think anyone can be a witch?  I sort of follow what Marian Green said – there are some people out there that aren’t into labels and are doing witchy things.  These people may know this or not know this and that is okay.  I think claiming the label of being a witch is changing how you live with the earth.  These people who are living this way – I would have to say are a better witch than me. 

When do you feel most like a witch?  During Zeal Moments when I am one with creation and Motherfather Spirit.

Will you be going to PanTheaCon? No - But, I'll be going to my state's conference on Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence - Yes.

Can you share a witch joke?  Not good at Jokes…..  I also have problems telling if someone is joking or not.  Maybe I should learn to lighten up.

Which element do you feel closest too?  Fire and Earth oh I don’t know I like them all. 

What is your magickal talent?  Cooking with magic, Reiki, candle magic, gardening, and creative visualization collages.

What is your favorite food?  All foods.  Italian with homemade noodles, Hershey's Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting, Strawberry Shortcake with whipcream,

What inspires you to blog?   Last year my blog’s alphabet theme was created with random spiritually related words.  The intent of the blog was to give words of spiritual wisdom to a future kin.  This year’s blog is somewhat focused.  I have several major projects and need some structure than the free spirit of last year.  I am using a CAYA Coven’s monthly moon theme to inspire the choosing of alphabet words.  I will also be reflecting back on my work as a circle leader for the Wild Woman Project.  Again, my purpose this year will be to expand on CCWWW spirituality according to Homelight.

What is your favorite recipe?  I’ve included some recipes in my blog.  This is one of my favorites: Tomato sauce – that could be considered a love potion.   

My 11 Questions and 6 Nominations

1.  What advice would you give to other bloggers?
2.  If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
3.  What is your favorite season and why?
4.  Last book you read?
5. Early bird or night owl?
6. 5 things you are grateful for today?
7. 3 things you can't live without?
8.  Favorite movie?
9.  Vampires or Zombies?
10.  Favorite vegetable?
11. Your definition of a witch?  (I'm sorry I liked this question)


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  1. Hello Dear...I wanted you to know I'm not ignoring you...I did get your message and came over several times to read this award. First, let me say thank you, and secondly, let me say it will be a while before I am able to do this.
    I hope that's alright? Once again, thanks to you and many blessings on your journey. :)
    In Divine Love,

    1. I think the point of this Award is getting others to see your blog - Take your time in answering... Answer if you feel called to do this. Meanwhile keep writing your inspiring blog. Peace and Divine Love AkasaWolfSong


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