Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rice Experiment 10 & 11

The Control jar is still growing it's mold.  (See picture below).  The I Hate You now looks like it has a black dot and has moving piece.  I Love you?  Nothing.  Also - it really doesn't show they are still the same color as they started out. 

BEM copyright

BEM Copyright

BEM Copyright
Tonight's love songs.... We're in this love together - Whenever I hear of this I think of my first college love.....  So I didn't marry the guy - but we spent the entire summer writing back and forth and sharing music - like this one.  Mornin again by Al Jarreau.

So I had the mad feeling to give the the I Hate You Jar yesterday.  Sometimes I wonder about people.  Why do they say the things they do - why don't they have empathy for others.

Someone commented on how I garden - and so my front yard garden isn't in the prestine order.  Why?  I work full time and I'm a mom with two kids in sports and I just finished planting a 20'x19' garden of veggies.  So I took it out on the jar. 

Then all I could think of - really I am allowing this person to dig into my heart and enables me to put out bad energy.  So I told the jar off and said I'm done with this. 

Then I had empathy for the person who said it - they are in pain and not aging with grace and not able to remember when they were parents of teens and worked full time.  And, I gave it over to Motherfather spirit.  Why?  I told myself really - really - after 49 years you are going to let events like this drag you down and consume your mind?

It's done and wow that was fast only 24 hours. 

Peace out.....


  1. See, I told you the hate jar is a good place to use those feelings.


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