Friday, May 25, 2012

Rice Experiment Day 12

I have been thinking about the Control jar with its mold growth all day. 
  1. The Control jar has not been picked up and talked to during these last two weeks. 
  2. It has been left alone on my buffet while the I Hate You jar and the I Love You jar have had attention delivered to them both verbally and by being picked up.  (Though I don't think I'd like to have the I Hate You's type of attention.)
As a content expert in violence prevention the first thing that came to my mind is the condition “failure to thrive.”  Could the Control jar be exhibiting the effect of “failure to thrive” or feel unwanted?
“Failure to thrive” is a medical condition used by the medical and mental health community that describes when an infant/child fails to grow or gain weight.  Three of the main causes is the lack of touch, stimulation or consistent loving care.  What the research shows is that without these three things, the child loses the motivation to eat.  The condition has been equated to an adult who becomes depress and loses the desire to eat.  To on-lookers, they appear to give up on living.  These infants/children due to lack of nourishment are also more prone to infection and parasites. 

Observed Status of the 3 - no changes from yesterday.

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