Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rice Experiment Day 8 & 9

Unbelievable the Control jar has black mold growing - it wasn't there last night.  It is about the size of a dime.  I Hate you jar a solid clump that is shakable.  The I Love you jar still the same until the cat knocked it over and a small piece is moveable.

Tonight’s love songs to the I love you - some Cole Porter - Your the top and You do something to me...
The I hate you jar got a piece of my mind.  The 8th grade bully in the middle school who was given a leadership position over my 7th grade son and called him choice words about his disability..... and his parents who model this behavior to him -they are a piece of work.  They are bullying an autistic child who is part of their son's group for the 8th grade trip.  They don't want the autistic child to be in their son's group because of the disability and how he acts differently.  Piece of work - I say.  And, if the school allows the parents to get their way - well the bullies wins.  X$#@ to the I hate you jar.   
And, I will speak my mind.  I will speak my mind if this happen.  Green Dot baby - Green Dot.....

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