Monday, May 14, 2012

Updates: Rice Experiment, Ash and Garden

Copyright BEM Rice Eperiment
Day one of the Rice Experiment

As you can see, I changed how the cards are on top of the jar.  I initially taped them to the side and it really blocked observation.  All three jars have condensation.  I want you to know it was very difficult to put feeling of hate and anger into “I hate you” Jar.  The “I love you jar?”  It was very easy to put this kind of feeling into my words.  There is no sign of any mold or fuzzy growth in any of the jars.

Copyright BEM Rice Experiment


We have most of the vegies in.  I transplanted many volunteers (i.e., plants that grow without me planting).  I dug them up and put them into their assigned square.  You have to have a good eye to see them growing amongst the “weeds” (i.e., crab grass and thistle and burr plants).  Sprouts?  Tomato plants, dill, cilantro and fennel.  I also have dug up several radishes.  I decided to use the sunflowers in my garden for the pole beans – nature’s pole.  I am happy to say that it will save me money at the gardening store. 

I don’t know what is happening around the country.  It appears that the garden stores are using bigger pots rather than the three packs.  I have had to go around to several stores.  Definitely a way to make money, they are selling 3” x 3” for the same amount as a three pack.  The new way you only get one plant unlike the 3 pack.

I called and left a message at the city parks and rec today.  I found out that two community garden renters sprayed their plot with Round-up.  What were these people thinking?  Do they realize that not only did they kill the weeds, but they also killed the good microbes that help the soil?  I really don’t want that stuff plowed into my garden next year.  I’m planning on asking how we can get Round-up banned from the community garden. 


Copyright BEM Ash
My poor Ash, she is infected with the Emerald Bore.  I have posted a picture of how she looks.  Her upper canapé isn’t growing any leaves.  She isn’t alone.  You can see her sisters in my neighborhood.  They look the same.  Good for the woodpeckers, bad for the air quality.  This is an example of the risks of a global economy.  Recapping: cheap products, cheap labor (i.e., lack of living wage with benefits) and invading species that have no competition. 

Copyright BEM Ash

Copyright BEM Ash

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