Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update Garden and Rice Experiment Day 4

Update on the Community Garden

The head of the community gardens called me back.  He said he listened to my message and did some searching with other community gardens.  He stated he couldn't do anything about the Round-up spraying this year.  However, based on his research he did find that other community gardens around central Ohio have agreements with the gardeners.  He plans on proposing this to the Parks and Recs advisory committee.  I was only concerned with the Round-up, but he brought up the pesticides people use.  (Silently, I was cheering: "No more Sevin Dust").  I told him I would be happy to sign any agreement next year.  I also told him he could add into the agreement that people clean up their wooden and metal poles.  I was concerned with the guy who did the plowing and if one of those metal tomato stakes hit the plow - well it could fly and hurt him. 

I can't believe it - I got more than I ask.  And, I know someone on the Parks and Rec Advisory Committee.  Our sons are in Boy Scouts together and the same grade.  

Rice Experiment Day 4

No changes in any of the jars.  I'm starting to have empathy for the I hate you jar.  Why?  I wouldn't like to have those words said to me. 


  1. This is great news for your community garden.
    I'd take it one step hoses are coming to the forefront in terms of being toxic.
    There is a writeup over here you can read if you are interested. I know I'm going to invest in a better hose for home use.
    Your experiment is very interesting and I'm waiting patiently to see the final outcomes.
    I sooo believe in this and go to my local waterways on New and Full Moons to send Love and Healing into the Water, and I do it in my home as well with my food and water.
    Many Blessings! :)

    P.S. Here is another link you might like to peruse if you aren't aware of it already?


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