Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rice Experiment Day 14

I was struck by the sermon today about hope. Specifically, when the minister was describing the loss of hope as having dried bones - a spirit that is shrived away and all that is left is the bones.

It made me think of the I Hate You jar. I've been describing it as a dried shakable mass this last week. I shook it this afternoon and thought: If a person is called names, excluded and punched upon, at what point does this person loose hope?  At what point does their spirit shrivel away?

The mold growth continues in the Control Jar.  The I Hate You is dried and shakable.  The I Love You jar - fluffy like it was when I put it into the jar.


  1. Your posts about the rice have been so interesting. My surprise was the control jar. I expected the I Love You jar to thrive, but I did not expect the jar that did not receive any attention to not thrive. This corrlates with research on babies. Those that just had needs taken care of but no real human contact did not thrive as well as those that were played with.

    1. This experiment - has made me really think about the three jars and how they align with human life. Also interesting, is how this is playing out in my earthy life - those who I am coming into contact. It makes me really think about what I say and don't say.


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