Friday, May 18, 2012

Rice Experiment Day 5

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Take time to think on this law and then take action on it. As you put it into practice, you will find all selfishness and selfconcern will disappear, and your love for your fellow human beings will take first place. It is when you are thinking and living for others that you find true freedom and happiness. When you are in that raised state of consciousness anything can happen, for life can flow freely without any obstructions. Refuse to see obstruction; see only opportunities. When you are wrong, set yourself right, and learn from everything. There is an answer to every problem; seek until you have found it. You need never search in vain, for as you seek diligently for every answer, you will surely find it. But remember, never expect everything to fall into your lap without playing your part and doing what you know must be done. I help those souls who help themselves.  Eileen Caddy's message for the day.

Okay all the more reason to feel sorry for the I hate you jar...  It is very out of step with my spiritual practice.  I think I might have to have my sons do this jar.  I can't be unbiased or objective.

I hate you jar - when shook it is clumps.  The control and the I love you - fluffy rice that isn't able to shake into pieces like the I hate you.  None as of today have any growth.

My son was able to think of a person who he doesn't like and whisper choice words into the jar.  I tried again - I thought of projects that were a waist of time and resources and needed by people who - well don't know any better.

I played once again "love" music to the I love you jar.  Nothing like La Boheme with Placido Domingo and September by Earth Wind and Fire.

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